[FPS](自购更新赞助版1.31+步兵+官方繁中)《Rape Of The Dead》




Sorry for making you wait! We're publishing the Limited Edition (Version 1.3.0) of Rape of the Dead with this post!

This version is only released to Enty and Patreon.

▼ Contents of LimitedEdition
-  A new story showing you the future of our four protagonists!


Hikari · Aya · Kirara · The Hero  All of them got the vaccine, but they still can't escape their troubles. They will have to go back to the laboratory again!

-The Act 6 Laboratory, which already was a tough map, will be even tougher, so be prepared!


Even the Production crew started yelling because of the map's difficulty. There is no denying the difficulty when people start throwing their mice shouting: "This is impossible!"

- Long H-Scene from the animator  "電脳娯楽堂。 " !


A lot of content not included in the original game, such as multiple H scenes and a Creeper foursome!  We'll hope you enjoy the H scene which is longer than 5 minutes!
That's it for Limited Edition, but now we have to apologize.

We're sorry for significantly delaying this release. We tried to keep our schedule as strictly as we could, but there were multiple, let's call them 'accidents', that we could not have foreseen. We didn't think that we could report the game's progress to you either.

We will reflect on this delay a lot and will look forward to a more thorough kept schedule, so this will not happen again.

As always, we thank you for your understanding. We hope you're looking forward to our next projects and updates as much as we are!


- Cheat command implementation
When you play the game to the end, you can use the cheat command.

CTRL + 1 enemy's annihilation

CTRL + 2 heroin recovery

CTRL + 3 Add Ammo

CTRL + 4 heroine damage

-Hikari and Aya tits began to shake during battle.





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